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According to ancient legends; Ephesus (Ephesus), known as Amazon, was founded by female warriors. Its name is thought to come from Apasas, a city in the Arzawa kingdom, which means the city of Mother Goddess.

UNESCO World Heritage


Marble is a natural stone formed by changes of millions of years. Every marble stone carries millions of years old marks in its heart. The marks that the marble carries are its history. The common feature of many civilizations up until now are the cities built by marble. Ephesus, the first city in the world built by marble, is just one of the cities which are shaped by marble. It is located in the marble-rich Anatolia. According to legends, it was founded by women warriors named "Amazon" and Anatolia has this treasure in its heart.


Our country has 40% of the earth's marble reserves. This stone still takes part in the middle of our lives today as much as in the past. It occurs in every area which interests human. Sometimes it's a step, sometimes it's a monument which records victories and shows the kings' power. And sometimes it is a statue as its harmony with human skin. This natural stone which is a symbol of beauty, elegance, power and simpleness needs knowledge and experience. With the knowledge and experience of the past, understanding all the qualities of stone and transforming its experiences into tradition, AA Natural Stone transforms these treasures taken from the bosom of Anatolia into advanced products and touches many areas of life.


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